uPVC Windows

Replacement and Repairs

Installing Casement uPVC Windows

One of the most popular uPVC window styles, the casement windows is your picturesque offering the maximum unobstructed view of outside. It features a sash that is hinged from the side on an outer frame and can open inwards or outwards, to the left or right, allowing maximum flow of air into the room. Extremely energy efficient when closed, this casement window comes in varied designs like side hung, top hung etc. 
Our UPVC Casements bring together classic, proven design with modern materials and technologies to create the perfect replacement windows for many different styles of homes. 

Casement windows were the most popular windows across the UK in the days before sash windows became popular. They are hinged and open in a similar manner to doors and when closed provide a high level of security. 

While the old timber casement windows were susceptible to several problems such as distortion, shrinkage and rot, and required a high degree of maintenance including regular repainting, our modern UPVC Casement windows are almost maintenance free. The most they will require is an occasional clean and wipe-down. 

They also provide excellent levels of thermal insulation and unlike their timber counterparts they are entirely draught free. Additionally, double glazed UPVC Casement windows offer a very high level of noise reduction, and are highly effective of reducing the sounds from busy streets and noisy neighbors.

uPVC Windows Repairs

ATLASS London Ltd are specialists in the repair and maintenance of UPVC Windows in both domestic, industrial and commercial properties in London and surrounding countries. 

We offer a fast and effective UPVC window. Having serviced both domestic and commercial premises for over 10 years, our experience makes for a reliable, quick and guaranteed service. 
Our services include the provision of new parts for upvc windows such as handles, hinges or mechanisms, and the maintenance and repair of window problems. 

With over 10 years of experience, we can confidently say that we are experts when it comes to UPVC Window and Door Repair. 
Our company offers a 24 hrs emergency call out service, incase you should need any emergency Door or Window Repairs. 
So, whether you require repairs or any of the other services we offer then get in touch today. You won’t be disappointed by our high standard of workmanship and affordability. 

We believe in providing a quality service with quality products and at the same time providing value.

uPVC Windows Colour and Style Options

PVC is the most popular material for windows, doors and conservatories today; requiring no major maintenance, regular painting or weatherproofing to provide you with years of trouble free service. 

We use a fully welded system which is internally glazed for security and uses a 70mm depth profile with a multi-point locking system. It features locking handles, a secure night ventilation system and full 28mm double glazed units. 

There are numerous combinations of style and color choice, check with us for the latest news. Our products are available in various colors.

Glazing Options for uPVC Replacement

The vast majority of our windows are supplied with Pilkington glazing that offers both privacy and light into your home. The following styles are available in all our uPVC windows and readily available from the manufacturer. 

The glass name is followed by a privacy number (1-5) Where 1 is the least obscure. So whether you are looking to preserve your privacy or indeed restrict an unwanted view from inside your home, the range of Obscure glazing is sure to add some style and decoration to your home. 

Specialist glazing types such as totally obscure- Sandblasted glass or etched designs can be requested to suit your requirements. Please ask us for details and a quote.
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