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Windows for your home

In recent years, the technology of production of windows gone far ahead – there are available both aesthetic and also efficient windows, so you can make the building more energy efficient. Finding the perfect may seem easy, but you really need to pay attention to a number of various parameters, so they could fully meet the expectations of the user.

There are many things that you should pay special attention when choosing windows, so they were reliable for years to come. Check our short tutorial that presents the most important issues related to the selection and purchase.

Type of window
There are many different types of windows for sale. In UK, the most popular are the sash windows – mainly double-hung sash, which allow you to raise and lower sash vertically to open or close the window. These windows are also equipped with weights for easier use. These are traditional windows that are bought most frequently, so every company engaged in the production of windows in the UK has them.

Also, other types of windows are: horizontal sliding sash, which are also called the “Yorkshire sash windows”, casement window, which resemble the door because their hinged sash is side-hanged, moreover awning window, hopper window, louvered or jalousie window, gliding window – these are just a few of them, because there are many more.

The choice of windows is often dependent on the requirements of the conservation area, also the building could be listed, and therefore you cannot choose another kind than those designated. In the UK, as has been pointed out, sash windows are the most often used. If there is no such indication, then choose the best type of windows reflecting the architectural style of the building.

The windows are produced today using mainly two types of materials, specifically wood and uPVC – vinyl. There are also aluminium windows and uPVC clad windows, but they are not so popular.

Wood is the preferred material – both beautiful and with very good technical properties. Properly constructed wooden window is resistant to heat and cold and provides adequate insulation, moreover, helps micro air circulation, so it is healthy. On the other hand, it is exposed to rot, excessive drying and mechanical damage. It must also be regularly maintained, because it is the only way to keep it in good condition for a long time.

On the other hand, uPVC windows are cheaper than wood, they do not require maintenance, but do not always correspond to each one when it comes to aesthetics. In addition, they very good insulate buildings.

Window glass – glazing
It is also important to select the appropriate window glazing. For sale are available today mostly double glazing windows, also triple- or even quadruple-pane windows. The more glazes, the better the window insulates because of the gas between the panes – this applies to both wood windows and plastic (vinyl, uPCV) ones.

You should therefore pay attention to R-values ​– when it will be higher, the window will be better insulated. In the context of the windows you can also meet with U-factors – it is the inverse of R-values, so they should be as low as possible, which means a high insulation.