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Style of your sash windows photo

Style of your sash windows

Today’s windows are manufactured in many fantastic variations to choose from, so anyone can find among them something attractive for themselves. Nearly every company offers their customers high-quality windows, which will not only be energy-efficient, but also they will have an attractive appearance to match the architectural style of the building. If you also want to choose new windows, but you do not know what to decide, in this case check out our short tutorial, so you can learn what you should pay attention to!

Not only the white colour
Sash windows are manufactured in a great many different designs – both as wood and vinyl, which is made from uPVC material. The most popular are the white windows, they are also very versatile and suitable for buildings of any architectural style, but also there are different kinds of colours, such as brown, anthracite or cream. In addition to such popular choices of colours, there are the popular shades of green, such as sage, olive. Moreover, many manufacturers can offer two different colours on the outside and the interior of the window.

Natural wood and uPCV wood colours
Also in the case of wooden windows and uPVC windows you can choose different types of wood colours – vinyl windows are then stylized to look as natural wood, such as golden oak or dark wood grain and more of them.

Style of sash windows
If you want to select traditional sash windows, you can find them in many variants of design, for example, single sash, double sash, triple sash or curved sash. It all depends on what style you’re interested in, but also remember that the windows should be fitted into the building to make an attractive composition.

Buildings in the conservation area and listed buildings
Conservation Areas are located primarily in the older parts of towns and villages. These are the places that have special historical significance, which is also reflected in their architecture, which makes them so special. That is why it is important to preserve the unique appearance of such areas. Listed buildings are located on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

In each of these cases, it is necessary to select the appropriate windows to keep the authentic and features for the building. This means less choice, because not all of them will be able to be used in a given place, for example, usually it cannot be a plastic window (vinyl, uPVC), but it must a wooden one. More information on these requirements can be found on the websites of government offices.

So if you want to buy stylish windows matching the building, you have to remember a number of different factors. A lot of inspiring photographs can also be found on the websites of manufacturers of windows, so if you do not know what to choose, in this case, check them out and certainly you will find something interesting. Additionally, some of the pages have special colour configurators, that will show you how the windows will look in specific colours.